#02 Learn How To Do The Calculations on The Printable Blueprint

In this 2nd video of 3 about The Blueprint, I’ll be Calculating the Answers for lines 13 – 22, on The Transfer Your Balance 101 Printable Blueprint.

I Created The Printable Blueprint and this Video, to show you How to use a Pencil and Calculator, to Calculate the Answers on The Blueprint. These Answers were Calculated automatically by Excel, in another video.

A Balance Transfer, is like a self service loan. Because of this, we have to Calculate when these Self Service Loans End. This is why their APRs are so so Low. But, these Low APRs are the minimum we’ll pay, so we have to manage them.

When I first started doing them, I didn’t know when the 0% APR would end. This would increase my APR to about 1% a month, instead of about 3 – 5% for a whole year.

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