#03 Learn How To Use The Transfer Your Balance 101 Blueprint Online

In this 3rd video of 3 about The Blueprint, I’ll be showing You How to Use The Excel Version of The Transfer Your Balance 101 Blueprint Online. Since Balance Transfers don’t tell us when the 0% APR goes up, we’ll be figuring out the End Date for all of them as well.

After we finish filling out The Transfer Your Balance 101 Blueprint Online, we’re ready to do a Balance Transfer. You’ll see how Easy it is, to do my 5 Steps to Balance Transfers, using the Excel Blueprint Online. It makes Calculating the Savings, and Recording the Details Really Quick & Easy to do.

Plus, I’ll show You How to Calculate when the 0% APR Expires, and when to Transfer this Balance again, if necessary. If the Balance won’t be paid in full, it should be Refinanced, before the 0% APR Expires.

You’ll learn that once Your Monthly Bill says that the 0% APR went up, You’ll end up paying the higher APR for almost 2 months. That is, if You pay the Balance in full right away.

The Transfer Your Balance 101 Training Series is 100% FREE for a Limited Time. So, if You want to Learn more about How To Borrow Cash or Credit, at a 3 – 5% APR year after year, visit transferyourbalance.us, and Unlock Your Free Training Today!

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