10,000 Miles of Fuck

Gold Star’s adventure to Final Bout 2! 10,000 miles because 5000 Miles of Fuck 2 would equate to 10,000 Miles of Fuck right? Speaking of 5000 Miles of Fuck (or if you don’t know, it’s our more epic-er Final Bout journey video from last year) it can be viewed here https://vimeo.com/107104572 if you’d like to re-watch the mayhem. Also there is raw footage from the event this year that can be found here https://www.youtube.com/watch?t=28&v=MWt8chytcxs

This year’s journey was much more stressful and busy, thus there is a lack of footage and it is 1/5th the length of last year’s video. Also, because it isn’t covered in the video, Dom broke his driveshaft and Max broke his transmission Saturday morning, so the team didn’t end up doing the competition. Max was able to get his replacement transmission in Sunday afternoon and got a handful of runs in with Nick before blowing up his transmission again. So just insert that information between the meat and Corbin calling Angel a bitch ; )

Regardless of our struggles, we still managed to have an excellent time! Huge thank you to our families, friends, credit card companies, club fr, and everyone else who made it possible for us to attend again this year!

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