#14 This is What Happens When The 0% APR on a Balance Transfer Ends

This video shows You what happens when we don’t Calculate when a Balance Transfer Offer Ends, or when we don’t Transfer Our Balances before this important End Date.

Some Balance Transfer Offers include The Offer End Date now which is Great. But, if we don’t move the Balance in time, The Rent or APR will be Going Up.

You’ll learn that our Monthly Bill will say 0% on it, but our APR already went up weeks before the Bill even arrived. These Calculations are not rocket science, but if we don’t Learn How to do them, we’ll only save on interest for the introductory period.

Then after that, we’ll have to pay some of the highest interest rates out there, until the Balance is paid in full. It doesn’t take a lot of time, to create a Balance Transfer Plan, and it’s a lot easier than having to Create a Business Plan to Borrow some Money.

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