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  • Maximum Credit Score – 6 Tips How to Increase Your Credit Score

    A credit score number is often called a FICO score, for Fair Isaac Corp., the California company that developed the system upon which it is based. Scores range from the 300s to about 900, with the vast majority of people falling in the 600s and 700s. The higher the score, the better. Scores higher than […]

  • S13E09 Ķepa uz sirds 04.03.2017

    Raidījumā: – Daudzi lauku rajonu iedzīvotāji pret obligāto suņu čipēšanu noskaņoti visai negatīvi. Vai suņu čipēšana laukos vispār notiek? – Ko darīt, ja kucēns ir paklausīgs tikai mājās un tikai pie pavadas? Vērtīgus padomus, kā panākt paklausību mežā, sniedz suņu uzvedības eksperts. – TV personības Ievas Strazdiņas pundurezim Teodoram ir svara problēmas. Saimniece viņam sagādā […]

  • Credit Score to Buy a House!

    One of the most frequently asked questions is: “what’s the minimum credit score to buy a house?” Did you know, in reality, you have 4 main loan types available to you? They are: VA Loans,…

  • Get The Best Balance Transfer Credit Cards

    Zero interest credit cards are available on an introductory basis in order to win your business. Given that the high costs of credit can painfully restrict your opportunities because your money is not available for things that matter to you, it certainly would pay to take advantage of these types of offers. The best balance […]

  • The Value Of Good Credit Score Numbers

    Making a financial plan – monitoring the amount you win and the amount you spend is enable since each budgetary choice you make is expected. In making a working spending plan, it is essential to isolate costs into settled and drifting. While settled will be utilized to cover standard installments that must be done each […]