#21 How to Hypothetically Do Your 1st 3 Balance Transfers One after the Other for 51 months Intro

This video is a 10 minute demo, on How I would do 3 Balance Transfers non-stop. You’ll see me Simulate How To Borrow $2,000 Interest Free for the 1st 15 months using a Balance Transfer from Chase.

I then share with You How and When I would Re-finance this Balance, plus Borrow another $1,000 at a 3% Fee, plus a 0% APR for 18 months from Discover.

I also Simulate How I would Re-Finance This Balance again, just before the 0% APR Expired, using another Balance Transfer Offer from Bank of America. This Balance transfer Offer had another 3% Fee, plus another 0% APR for the next 18 months.

That’s my Short Explanation on How almost anyone can do 3 non-stop Balance Transfers, from 3 different Credit Card Companies. That is, if they can Qualify for a Line of Credit from a Credit Card company, that promotes Balance Transfers.

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