#22 How to Hypothetically Do Your 1st 3 Balance Transfers One after the Other for 51 months 1st Transfer

In this video, I share with You How to use a Balance Transfer, to Borrow Cash or Credit up to our Credit Line for a 0% Fee, plus a 0% APR for 15 months. So, this 1st Balance Transfer Offer for $2,000, is Interest Free for the 1st 15 months.

I also show You what 3 documents we’ll need to Collect the Important Details from, and How to Record them on The Transfer Your Balance 101 Blueprint. We always use the Blueprint, so we’ll know when to Re-Finance the Remaining Balance, just before the Interest Free time period Expires. That’s my Short Explanation on How to Borrow Cash or Credit Interest Free using Balance Transfers.

If You’d like to learn How to do Balance Transfers in 5 Easy Steps, plus get a copy of The Blueprint and more, You can Unlock Your 4 Part Balance Transfer Training Series at transferyourbalance.us, and have it Sent Straight to Your Inbox.

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