#25 How to Hypothetically Do Your 1st 3 Balance Transfers One after the Other for 51 months Summary

In this video, You’ll Learn from these 3 examples, that You can apply for these 3 Balance Transfer Offers on my Website. That applying for them is Free, and if You Qualify, You can easily do what I did in those 3 examples, to Finance Your Plans like I did.

You’ll see that You can Transfer Your Balances, or Borrow Cash or Credit, up to Your Line of Credit, from the Chase Slate Card Interest Free. So I Borrowed $2,000 Interest Free for 15 months, in the 1st Balance Transfer.

Then just before the Chase 0% Fee + 0% APR for 15 months Offer Ended, I Transferred that Balance to a Discover Card for the next 18 months, for a 3% Fee.

Then just before that Discover Card Offer Ended, I Transferred That Balance to a Bank of America Card for the next 18 months, for another 3% Fee.

That’s my Short Summary on How to Borrow Cash, or Credit, or How to Refinance it, for about 51 months, by doing Balance Transfers non-stop. I hope You enjoy the video.

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