Account details – Credit card

This lesson explains about the “account details – Credit card” screen in the HandWallet app:

You are now in the details screen of a credit card account, and pressed the “advanced” button.
In this screen you can define the type of your credit card- Visa, MasterCard, American express and so on. You can also write the credit cards number and validity, but you don’t’ have to do that. Anyway – just to let you know – You can be relaxed – this information is kept encrypted in the database.

In this screen you can also manage when and how you pay to your credit card company.
We call it “Credit card Policy”. What a complicated name. come on guys – you couldn’t find something simple? But actually, it is easy: When you define a credit card policy you define the grace period and due day of the card and also other definitions.

Since all these parameters can change over the years you can define a different “credit card policy” for each period. For example, if the due day is changed, create a new policy starting from that day.

The default “credit card policy” is “Manually” It means that HandWallet will not try to calculate the amounts that are accumulated in the card and you will need to manually enter a transaction on the due day, moving money from another account to the credit card account. I recommend that you change the policy to “Automatic” and let HandWallet do all the hard work for you. To do that just press the small menu button near the police and select “edit”

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