Attorney Dave Falvey Answering Common Questions About Bankruptcy

When considering filing bankruptcy one has many questions that need to be answered. Connecticut bankruptcy attorney Dave Falvey has put together a list of common questions he receives and answered them for you. If you have more questions simply visit his website and contact him – he’ll be more than happy to help you.

Here are the questions about bankruptcy that are answered in this video:

1. How Can I Improve My Credit Report After I File For Bankruptcy
2. Once I File Bankruptcy Do I Have To Continue To Pay On My Car And House Bankruptcy?
3. Any Special Tip Before I File?
4. Are Gambling Debts Dischargeable In Bankruptcy?
5. How Long Does A Bankruptcy Take?
6. I Haven’t Paid My Mortgage In 5 Months, Can I Keep My House?
7. Is There An Alternative To Bankruptcy?

If you live in Connecticut feel free to call Action Advocacy with any of your questions.

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