Brion Rieff Upside Down Boat Building

This is the second draft with notes listed below

overall, very good edit.
at the beginning/intro with maynard, you could hold the cutaway of brion longer, and another cutaway or two for interest and to get away from brion standing there oddly (like you did at the end). maynard is VERY engaging so i wouldn’t stray too much from maynard, but a bit more than you have in the spots where brion hasn’t yet been introduced.
—– Erik —- this is all set, I used the cutaways and shortened up the audio

we like to do quick/easy audio level adjustments only on the first edit… cause leveling audio throughout takes lots of time (and clips can get cut or rearranged until the very end… but once the edit it completely done, and it all works… give one final pass with super close attention to audio levels in FC, then another pass just listening out of the computer’s speakers like a viewer would. my mic is directional so on shoots like this levels go up and down.

—– Erik —- Took a whole pass with LOTS of adjustments

5:04 you might cut the rest of that clip after the comment about the bow cause it drags a little and not much content that we’d miss

—– Erik —- Gone deleted it, My first edit i took out a ton of footage, I didnt want to get to “cut happy” without someone else’s opinion

7:05 you could drop this whole clip about LWL and setting up cause they talked about that at the beginning… and even there’s been a shot of the bow reference already. you can cut all the way to 8.18 when they go out.
would be nice to have a segway that leads into them going outside. not sure you have one… but if you end with the mention of the guys painting the exterior that might do it. or even the discussion of the deck line and bulwark might be the spot… not sure what you’d miss if that’s it.

—– Erik —- This was a tough edit, but I took your advice and stole the audio from another clip *** THOUGHTS?

8:24 the transition to outside is a little rough, maybe a dissolve needed

—– Erik —- POLISHED

8:58-ish the inpoint of that clip is off it catches maynard mid-word
good ending.

—– Erik —- FIXED
on the drive, kevin has given you a project with our standard front end titles cards and ending credit cards so you can drop those in and customize them.

—– Erik —- DONE


So here are my comments on editing.

– Over all audio and color needs to be smoothed out and I suspect there are points at which it could be tightened up just a bit.

—– Erik —- I went into this for about two hours… it was a mess but I dont know when to say enough is enough so you can let me know what you think

– Like opening and conclusion cutaways

—– Erik —- Thankyou, I work well with positive feedback

– Mention DWL (design water line) @ 1:30 and 7:11 check for redundant information perhaps remove one section?

—– Erik —- Its gone, I really like the second explanation as I feel it was a huge part or “complication” to building upside down. While i like the 7:11 version better, the first explanation looks really sloppy when cut out, so the first explanation stayed.

– 2:48- Do we need the Question from Maynard? Will the answer stand on it’s own and still sound natural?

—– Erik —- Its gone, great insight!

– 3:54 Audio burst loud

—– Erik —- BOOM corrected

– Color correct/Match – especially at V-berth section -very warm- match color make more even over all

—– Erik —- well….. this is hell, It is very corrected in the version and honestly i think I like the warm natural footage better but you can let me know what you think…. honestly its just not going to look right without spending ALOT of time on it… Matching it to other clips is not working, and any edits to correct the white balance makes the footage very noisy. For the future… If the shoot allows it, we definitely should white balance with a piece of paper.

– 8:20-9:15ish Audio a bit louder.

—– Erik —- now it’s smooth as a babys bottom

– Can possibly remove from 8:57 to 9:12

—– Erik —- Alright so when I came across this comment, I had already screwed up the timeline to the point that I had no idea what this was, It would help if our future comments had a brief quote included incase I cant find it. With this said, it cleaned it up allot so it might have gotten fixed [>UPDATE: I just realized i can look at the old version but the quote would still be a time saver]

– Audio at beginning of conclusion louder

—– Erik —- DONE

– Over all feel is good; easy going, conversational and still informative. has a good insider feel

—– Erik —- Why thank you!

– Would be great if we could get the overall run time closer to around 10 minutes.

—– Erik —- Ask and you shall receive

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