Champion Home Tips: How to Retire Rich

It’s true. Most people never retire early or rich. Why? Because they lived their pre-retirement years as if they were rich already. It’s an easy trap to fall into when all the ads, TV shows and movies show average folks enjoying expensive toys. So we end up using credit cards, lines of credit and mortgages to spent over 100% of our income on fancy cars, exotic vacations, the latest smartphone and the biggest TV. As a result, we get deep in debt, pay huge interest costs, collect a bunch of stuff that has no resale value, and retire with no savings. But there is a better way! Instead of living beyond our means, we can use our money and time strategically—so we save enough to retire earlier and more financially secure. All it takes is a little common sense. Here are four wealth-building tips. For more information call us at 877-341-1299.

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