DEBT – Panic! What Happened to Social Mobility in the Arts?

Does a career in the arts leave you forever in debt? Does a culture of debt from credit cards to student fees discourage parents from encouraging their kids to follow their dreams and take risks? In the UK today owning your own home and being financially solvent is an indicator for being a productive and successful citizen – is a career in the arts at odds with being a member of mainstream society?

Shelly Asquith is Vice President of the National Union of Students.
Carl Lee is Lecturer in Community Development at the University of Sheffield, whose research focuses on inequality, indebtedness and housing.
Jonathan Stevenson is Campaigns and Communications Officer for Jubilee Debt; a charity campaigning internationally to challenge debt.
Aaron Angell one of the artists featured in British Art Show 8.
This debate is in association with British Art Show 8 at Leeds Art Gallery.

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