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Listen ! To those outside of my area where I now live,from Tennessee, if you are a entrepreneur or business owner, small or large and receive credit and debit card transactions.I can help you too, I just need a copy of your processing statement,so you would have to call me to arrange that. FlashBanc is a leading National Merchant Service Provider, providing credit card processing and a host of other electronic payment solutions to businesses, small and large, in almost every vertical market throughout the United States. We understand that offering electronic payment solutions in today’s world is a necessity for your business, and we possess the experience and ability to meet the demands of a constantly changing marketplace. Like it or not , the new cutting edge technology such as Apple Pay has change the game , get ready for your customers to tap or wave the iPhone to pay . Apple sold a record 10 million iPhone 6’s in the first three days of it’s initial launch. Over 200,000 credit card accepting businesses just like yours has already upgraded their technology to support Apple Pay. If you do not have an EMV ready credit card terminal , you will not be able to accept payments from customers that try and use their EMV cards. EMV cards are the new credit cards with a chip in it . Both of these technology will protect the customers from showing their credit card numbers, the Apple Pay is on the iPhone 6 and will be on other smart phones eventually and the EMV credit card information is encrypted. If Flash Banc can’t save you money on credit card processing , we will pay you .I will give you a FREE rate analysis, all I would need is 10-15 minutes to do a line by line comparison to show you exactly how much we can save you. Listen ! I’m here to save you money , we have other solutions to help, including free terminals. I want your business !
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My name is Eric Plott (Check out my resume on Linkedin or here online:Read my publications and certified qualifications here
I am officially an Executive Agent Manager for one of the fastest growing and trusted online Banking system in USA. If you are looking for a superior merchant checkout/merchant banking system that LITERALLY WILL COMPETE AND BEAT ANY RATE you currently are with, or know a rate that you want us to beat, please sign up today. You cannot miss out on our Honesty, Ethical services and amazing savings by working with us at FlashBanc. Please get ahold of me and let me be your agent, you already know you can trust me and I wouldn’t expect working for anything less than excellence and perfection. I trust these First Data b2b Technology that we at are also teamed up as partners with this amazing company. Let us know how we can increase your sales conversion rate with our incredible affordable, low rate business merchant transaction and processing accounts. We offer card swiping and keying online with virtual online banking for more checkout sales and speedy deposits WITH NO DOWNTIME EVER! I PERSONALLY MAKE A PROMISE THAT OUR BANKING SERVICES WILL NEVER HOLD OR FREEZE YOUR ACCOUNT BALANCES OR TRANSACTIONS EVER, NO MATTER WHAT AND UNDER NO LIMITATIONS OR NEED FOR APPEALS! Making us the most superior, advanced, and effective online banking merchant services in the nation; if not the best and fastest growing in the world. Contact me and it won’t take long for your evaluation and any questions you have about upgrading and enchancing your current business today, let me handle all your cart needs and gateway services.Open up your business online and make more sales than you thought possible. When I was attending Harvard University, I took classes in economics and learned quickly that if you owed or helped run a business, that if you did not convert to online shopping carts for your services or products, that you would soon be out of business and in the dust against your competion. Sign up through me, if you own a business; it is completely free…Today you have nothing to lose, but money…take the time and invest into growing your business with online success. Completely free just have your business name and ID number ready and that’s all it takes. You will be processing orders in a fast-paced manner with no down time and the lowest rates ever in history. Kindest regards, Earth man Eric Plott

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