Get Tax Refund FASTER w/Paypal Prepaid Mastercard

Go HERE To Order FREE NO Credit Check make $5 bonus on first deposit when you use the Referral link today!!

Get your Direct Deposit Payroll & Tax Refund up to 2 days FASTER! NEW PayPal Prepaid Mastercard gives you all the same benefits of any other debit card plus an additional Savings account. It’s like having 2 accounts in 1. Also connects directly into your account for easier more convenient transfers Into and Withdraw from Once you receive your card in the mail you are issued a referral link which can be given to friends, family and colleagues. When they sign up and make a deposit or transfer funds to card you receive $5 and they receive $5. It’s that simple!

Must be 18 and Older
USA Residence
No Credit Check
Free To order customized card
NO PAY PER SWIPE (like other cards)
Takes 5-7 days to come in mail (Will already have your name on it)
$5 Bonus requires activation of card
$4.95 monthly maintenance fee
Cancel Any time

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