Happy Wife Happy Life

This video is one of 56 submissions to the Squeeze Back Video Contest, timed to coincide with Canada’s 2015 federal election. The collective message: our politicians need to invest more (and invest wisely) in younger Canadians, who are being increasingly SQUEEZED.

Up for grabs are two Peoples’ Choice prizes worth $5,000, to pay the winners’ choice of rent, mortgage, tuition, student debt, child care, RRSP or other expenses.

If you’d like to help this video win, please vote for it here: http://www.gensqueeze.ca/happy_wife_happy_life

Creator’s Bio: Cavelle-­Nell Romeo – Hello, I’m Cavelle. With the decline in the present economy, I am feeling squeezed by juggling multiple debts. I have car payments, credit cards and house payments. I am coping to adapt by working multiple jobs and doing my best to save every penny.

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