How to Stop Debt Collectors and Raise Your Credit Score

Debt Collectors will stop at nothing to collect on a debt.

Consumers like you need to know that you have laws that protect you from debt collectors. You also need to know that debt collectors are bound by specific laws on how they can even collect a debt.

Debt Collectors are counting on you the consumer to not be informed or knowledgeable about their practices.

They will harass you, call your friends, family, neighbors and even your employer. They often will call you 10 -15 times a day to get you to pay them. Below I will show you a way to stop those calls before they even start. Please pay close attention to the section under "how to stop them from calling you".

If debt collectors are harassing you, then you need to stop them in their tracks.

1. Never talk to a collector, they are trained to get information from you and they can and will use it against you to collect the debt.

2. Send a certified letter with signature required asking them to stop contacting you and to only contact you by mail. This is the cease and desist letter that can be added in the letter above or by itself.

3. Many collectors use many different phone numbers right from their offices to fool you into thinking they are someone else. Now they are even going to several cell phones in an attempt to make you think they are someone else calling.

4. If you happen to answer the phone, tell them to stop calling you and do not talk to them. If you are allowed to record the call, let them know you are recording the conversation right at the start. Check you state and local laws before you do this.

* No law states you have to accept their call or even talk to them *

Usually a collector will send you a letter in the mail, this letter is called a dunning letter. The letter also is bound by many laws.

The letter is supposedly to simply let you be aware of a possible debt that you may owe to someone.

In the letter they are supposed to give you the name of original creditor as well as who they are. Usually they are either a collector for the original creditor or a junk debt buyer who bought the debt from the creditor for pennies on the dollar.

Also in the letter is provided to be account numbers, amount owed etc.

The law forces them to include also a mini miranda rights section. This tells you, the consumer, that you have 30 days from the date of the letter to dispute the debt if you believe it is not your debt, or if the amount or other information is incorrect.

Now as a consumer you should know a couple important things.

1. Respond to the letter right away and for sure within the 30 day time period, the letter you send is called a validation and dispute letter, requesting validation from the sender. You are disputing the debt or the facts shown.

This is a letter asking them to prove to you that you owe the debt and why are trying to collect it. Did they buy it or where they hired by the original creditor to collect it.

If you do not respond within the 30 days to that letter, then you are telling them that you do in fact owe them what they are saying you owe and they can further file lawsuits etc to collect the debt.

2. You can ask them to cease and desist all collection activities until they can validate or prove to you the debt is yours.

3. You can request that they only contact you by mail and also request that they do not communicate with others about this deleted item.

4. In most cases a collector will tack on other amounts onto the bill therefore it may be an incorrect amount therefore you must dispute

I urge everyone to dispute everything no matter if you owe it or not. This must be done within the first 30 days. By law the collector has to validated the challenged by sending you proof that you actually owe them or the original creditor and if they purchased the debt the proof they now own it.

If you do not respond to the letter then you are agreeing that you owe the amounts even if it is wrong. I know it does not sound right but it is.

5. Very important! The letter can not contain any threats to you in way. Many collectors love to add in little sayings like you will lose your job, we will be garnishing your wages, we will collect the debt by coming to your house, etc. This is against the law and any threat should be deal with immediately by filing charges at your local police station and speaking to an attorney.

They are also not allowed to make you believe they are attorneys when they are not. Many will use a law office type of logo and they are not attorneys.

For more information on how to beat collectors and repair your credit please visit this link to start changing your life.

Source by Margaret C Paul

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