How to Take Care of Your Credit and Debit Cards

People do not pay enough attention to their credit cards. They think that losing a credit card is just a nuisance until they obtain a new copy from the bank.

People need to learn to be careful using credit cards; not only to keep them in safe places but also not writing down their Personal Identification Number (PIN), a common mistake people make nowdays. This way, taking advantage of ATM cards and debit cards is easier for those who do this for a living.

Here, we present some tips in order to avoid these kinds of situations.

Credit Cards, ATM and debit cards

– Be extra careful about giving your account number on the phone. You have to be very sure of what you are giving it to. Be sure it is a prestigious financial company.

– Never expose you account number through the mail. Do not tell it on the front of any postcard, envelope or any kind of mail.

– Draw lines in the blank spaces on checks and debit slips in order to avoid any tampering with the amount of money.

– Do not ever sign a blank check.

– Always destroy any unnecessary copies.

– Try to save all your receipts in order to compare them to your statements.

– Cut all of the old credit cards through the account number; this way it can not be used again.

– In order to know if your account presents any errors, you should compare your receipts periodically with the account statements on a regular basis. This way, you will be able to report the errors about your credit report and report them to get them fix as soon as possible.

ATM and debit cards

– Always remember your PIN number, do not carry it written down on a paper.

– Be very carefully with any card transactions before entering the PIN number because after giving it, there is nothing anyone can do.

– Be very careful with the online transactions because sometimes the spy-ware can steal your personal credit card information. (In order to know more about this topic, check your local bank for more information).

Any bank or financial company will never ask you to give them your PIN number because it is the only way to control access into the account. The PIN number also controls the transactions that any client does, and this is the only way to make sure that nobody else but the client is touching and using each account or credit card.

Source by James A Banks

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