I.O.U. – Student Loans must be stopped!

I owe several hundred thousand dollars in Student loans at a ridiculous interest rate!

In early 2013, I wrote a comedy script and story arc for four seasons of a TV show that follows Ed, who is getting killed by his student loans, and the I.O.U., a group of semi-competent activists. Together they play superheroes by embarking on ill-conceived missions to take on the man. Last March, I decided to spend a ton of (credit cards *cough*) money to make this promo as a proof of concept. What you saw is just the beginning of Ed’s journey!

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Jesse Cowell aka Jeskid
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/jeskid


Henry Dwyer as Ed Reding/Red Ed
Cary Hite as Cash Only
Dan Grgas as Alex Mantini (the Collection Agent)
Kerri Sohn as Samantha
Kate Villanova as Clara (the I.O.U.)
John Austin Wiggins as Ed Sr.
Jane Gabbert as Matilda Reding (Ed’s Mom)
Jesenia Comedian as The office manager
Kevin Gilmartin – as Head of the Board
Jack Perry as the Corporate Henchman
Gregory Cohen as Right wing Opinion newscaster
Alicia Brayboy – as Left wing newscaster
Joseph Cassese – as newscaster

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