Kurt Brought His awful credit score up and got funded fast with TopTradelines.com

: Hi, I’m Kurt. I had the worst credit score imaginable. It was so low, I’m even embarrassed to say it. As you can imagine, having low credit makes everything difficult. You can’t even really enjoy life.
Then, my truck broke down and I needed to get a new one for my construction job. But, buying a truck with no credit is almost impossible. I had heard of TopTradelines.com and that they could help get your credit score up. I talked to an agent who explained everything to me. I ended up purchasing a tradeline package and within 3 weeks, my credit score was up 150 points on all 3 credit bureaus! I couldn’t believe it.
Then, they helped me get a couple of credit cards that totaled $10,000 in credit. Not only did having that credit give me some breathing room to just live, but it also helped to boost my credit score even more.
In about six weeks, my credit score was high enough that I was able to replace my truck…and more importantly keep working. I finally have a credit score that I am proud of. If you’re stuck with bad credit, TopTradelines.com can definitely help.

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