Let’s Get Pretty Version 02

The first Let’s Get Pretty was censored in Italy by various venues; however a new version was created for the Rita Depanis Fashion House in the 1998 “Pret a Porte” event.

During the performance my body and hair created an insurmountable barrier between the entrance way and the hall where the fashion show was being held. The strands of my hair, extended by wires, formed a web covering the entire room. In order to reach the cocktail party, the guests each had to cut a strand of my hair.

In fashion culture, hair, which has come to define us, has also turned into a fetish. The remains of an art piece or art performance (in LGPII crops of my hair) symbolize the fetish element in art culture. For this reason, I chose to transform the cut strands into a precious material for my jewelry designs.

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