Merchant Cash Advance: How Does A Merchant Cash Advance Work?

A Merchant Cash Advance (BCA) also known as credit card receivable funding allows borrowers to get cash in exchange for the purchase of a fixed percentage of your future Visa- and MasterCard- receipts. After you have received the cash advance, your credit card processor will deduct a small fixed percentage of your daily credit card sales until the entire purchase amount is collected. Unlike a traditional loan, cash advance is automatically repaid through your credit card processing transactions. This means you don’t have to worry about fixed monthly payments which is especially helpful during slow business seasons. The total amount we collect will differ with your credit card sales, but will always be the same fixed small percentage. At Merchant Advisors, we’re confident we have the most aggressive program in the marketplace for your business cash advance needs. If you’ve been in your current business for at least 1 year and you process a minimum of $5,000 per month in Visa and MasterCard receipts, then you’re already pre-qualified. visit us at today!

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