Rhonda enthusiastically looked for financing and accumulated too many inquiries!

Rhonda came to InquiryBusters.com for help in correcting her credit reports. Five months ago she looked for financing and filled out applications at 13 different lenders. Each one of those applications ended up reporting that she had applied to one or more of the major bureaus. She didn’t know that lenders look at the number of inquiries and, if they see more than 6 every 6 months, they get suspicious about the number of inquiries. They think it shows that she is not able to get approved for anything. The inquiries alone were disqualifying her.
After signing up with InquiryBusters.com, they did a study of her credit report and started disputing the inquiries she’d racked up. They even found and erased 12 inquiries that were from 6 months before all this happened. They kept disputing with bureaus, lenders, and even contacted the FTC and 3 weeks later all the inquiries were gone.

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