Things Every Woman Should Have in Her Purse

1. Umbrella: You should always consider carrying an umbrella to keep you away from those harmful UV rays and also to keep you away from getting wet during rainy season. You can find yourself helpless if you miss an umbrella during heavy rainfall, hence a woman should always carry an umbrella in her purse.

2. Mobile Phone: A mobile phone is the most important thing a woman should have in her purse. In a connected world of today, you should always carry your mobile phone so that you don’t miss any of your important calls, posts, tweets or likes. Mobile phone should also be carried for safety reasons, if in case you need to call your nearest police station during awkward situation.

3. Mobile Charger/Power Bank: A mobile charger or a power bank is always needed if in case your mobile battery gets empty.

4. Hair Pin/Hair Band: A hair pin and a hair band is very necessary if in case your hair gets untidy and need to tie it up before your daily work at office. A hair grasp instantly makes you look fresh and charming after a heavy work. You can use your hair pin for security reasons as well, if in case someone tries to grab you, you can use it to pin him down right on his eyes.

5. Tampon/Pad: A tampon/pad is another important thing which every woman should carrying in her purse, so that you don’t have to run to a nearest medical shop in case of an emergency. You can also help others when they are in need of it.

6. Cash: You always need to have some cash in your purse, if in case you miss your credit cards or find a store which does not accept credit cards. Just imagine, you need to buy a tampon/pad in case of an emergency and you found a shop which only accept cash.

7. Condom: Carrying a condom is as important to women as it is to men. You may never know when you have to use them.

8. Credit/Debit Cards: Carrying Credit/Debit cards in your purse is as important as carrying cash. You may never know when you run out of cash or urgently require bigger amount under certain transaction.

9. Lipsticks/Lip Balms: You need your lipsticks or lip balms to make you look fresh and rejuvenated after a hard work. It gives you instant boost in your look and style.

10. Note Book/Pen: Every woman should consider carrying a small notebook and a pen in her purse, if in case she wants to jot down important notes in haste or while taking a call.

11. Mouth Fresher: Mouth fresher is important to put off your bad breath. It is most needed after a heavy meal to give you instant freshness in your breath.

12. Photo: Your pass photo is very important and you should always consider carrying at least two of them in your purse. You may need them any time.

13. Perfume: You should consider carrying a small bottle of perfume in your purse as it always help you getting rid of with those smelling sweats.

14. Pepper Spray: Pepper spray is an important security measure you should consider carrying in your purse every day. You could land up in unfortunate situation or incidents when you really need them. Many saved themselves in those situations using a pepper spray, hence you should consider carrying one.

15. Hair Comb: A hair comb is always helpful when your hair gets untidy and rough. You should always consider carrying a hair comb in your purse.

16. Tissues: Face tissues are the most important thing to carry in your purse if in case you need to get fresh and wipe all those oily particles stuck on your face. Face tissues gives you instant rejuvenation and make you look fresh and light.

Source by Sandeep M Pradhan

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